1 current national standards
1237-2000 GB/T fastening part marking method
A fastening
3098.2-2000 GB/T fastening mechanical properties of the nut
3098.3-2000 GB/T fastening screws for mechanical properties
3098.4-2000 GB/T fastening mechanical properties of nut - fine thread
GB/T 3098.5-2000 mechanical properties of fasteners - tapping screws
Mechanical properties of 3098.6-2000 GB/T fasteners stainless steel bolts, screws and studs
Mechanical properties of 3098.7-2000 GB/T fastening screws
The mechanical properties of GB/T 3098.14-2000 fasteners widening test on nuts
3098.15-2000 GB/T fastening mechanical properties of stainless steel nuts
3098.16-2000 GB/T fastening mechanical properties of stainless steel
3103.3-2000 GB/T flat washer
General requirements for the surface defect bolts, screws and studs for 5779.1-2000 GB/T
5779.2-2000 GB/T fastening surface defect nut
5779.3-2000 GB/T special requirements for the surface defect bolts, screws and studs
2-2001 GB/T end of the outer screw part of the fastener
5267.1-2002 GB/T fastening piece
90.1-2002 GB/T fasteners inspection
90.2-2002 GB/T fastening parts logo and packaging
GB/T 3098.11-2002 mechanical properties of fasteners self drilling tapping screws
3103.1-2002 GB/T fastening bolts, screws, studs and nuts
3098.13-1996 GB/T fastening mechanical performance bolts and screws for torque test and failure torque nominal diameter 110mm
The mechanical performance of the 3098.12-1996 GB/T fastening nut cone of the guaranteed load test
Stress section and bearing area of the 16823.1-1997 GB/T
General rules for 16823.2-1997 GB/T threaded fasteners
Bolts, screws, studs and nuts for the mechanical properties of 3098.10-1993 GB/T fasteners
3103.2-1982 GB/T fasteners for precision machinery bolts, screws and nuts
3103.4-1992 GB/T, the tolerances for heat resistance and heat resistance of the fasteners
3104-1982 GB/T to the side width of the six corner product
Check the mechanical properties of hydrogen embrittlement of GB/T 3098.17-2000 fasteners - preloading test for Parallel bearing surface method
Determination of torque strength of anaerobic adhesives for 18747.1-2002 GB/T (threaded fasteners)
Non electrolytic zinc coating on 5267.2-2002 GB/T
8446.3-2004 GB/T power semiconductor device with third parts: insulation parts and fasteners
3098.19-2004 GB/T fastening mechanical properties of core pulling rivets
3098.20-2004 GB/T fastening mechanical performance butterfly nut to guarantee torque
Blind rivet test method for mechanical properties of 3098.18-2004 GB/T fasteners
Blind rivet for 3099.2-2004 GB/T fasteners
Representation method of 4459.1-1995 GB/T mechanical drawing thread and screw fastener
5276-1985 GB/T fastening bolts, screws, studs and nuts.
5277-1985 GB/T fastening bolts and screws through hole
Split pin holes and wire holes GB/T 5278-1985 fasteners
Test method for lateral vibration of 10431-2008 GB/T fasteners