MF (metric tooth)
UNC. made of coarse teeth
UNEF (US fine teeth)
S.W. standard Whiworth coarse series general purpose cylinder thread (Imperial teeth)
S.F. standard Whiworth fine series general purpose cylinder thread (Imperial teeth)
Pitch thread fine fine tooth
Thread full all threads
3 screw type
Hex head IHH=ind saw six angle head
PH=phillips cross slot
Pan head (Pan Tou)
Oval semi sink head
W.H.. Six angle small flange
W.F. six large flange
CSK salad head (head)
Wafer Large large flat head
Bugle speaker
Truss pan head with pad
Pozi metric slot
Serra-tion pad with flowers
Head Flower flower head
Recess 6-bobes
Head Cup cup head
4 common fastener name
Washer split spring washers general manufacturers will be called washer"
Washer flat flat gasket
Self tapping screw self tapping screws
Drilling screw Self self drilling screw
Screw drywall dry wall screw / dry wall screw
Low screw high high and low tooth screw
Collated screw collated screws
Screw Concrete cement screw
Thread screw Tri-lobular triangle screw
Nut kep lock nut
Nut acorn cap nut
Washer wing wing